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With the GoAcademynewsletter you receive once a month the latest information on the following topics: Languages, learning, Study tours, other special offers, events, book recommendations.

In the business newsletter we specialize on the market developments which are relevant in relation to languages.


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GoAcademy Newsletter – General

In our monthly newsletter we inform you of the exclusive offers from GoAcademy and also give you tips on how to effectively plan you language training at home.

Do you love language and city tours? Then the GoAcademy newsletter is the ideal choice for you to stay informed. Apart from the Study tours, we also inform you of the regional events and activities.

Concerning events, have you heard of our events? The GoAcademy is known for its impressive events which facilitate in the get to know the language school, the language trainers and also make new friends.

With our newsletter you will never miss the opportunity of taking part in our activities in the future.

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GoAcademy Newsletter - Business

The GoAcademy business newsletter is for the daily occurrences in business life, in which English and Spanish languages have become integral.

The GoAcademy business newsletter informs you of the practical solutions for your professional life.

Topics to be covered:
Writing business letters, business emails, how to present yourself and the things you should pay close attention to in meeting in the USA, Great Britain as well as Spain and South America.

Do you the business workshops and seminars at GoAcademy? Sign up for the newsletter, alone for this reason, do not miss the opportunity to get the latest news and the many helpful tips.

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